Tutorial: Beat Matching in Premiere Pro and Audition


In this Premiere Pro tutorial you learn how to adjust the tempo of one song to match the tempo of another one in order to create a smooth transition between them. We use the extension BeatEdit for Premiere Pro to do the beat detection and Adobe Audition to change the speed of the song without creating a pitch shift.

We also cover one little but essential detail about audio editing in Premiere Pro: When you want to cut an song exactly at a beat, you often face the problem that the beat is located in-between two frames and by default, Premiere allows to cut at frames only and not in-between them. In order to perform cuts with sub-frame accuracy, you first need to enable the "Show Audio Time units" option of Premiere Pro.



  1. beat detection
  2. accurate cuts at beats with sub-frame accuracy
  3. beat matching

Tools Used

Stock Music Used

The songs used in this tutorial (No Remorse by Delicate Beats and Dance Distinction by Sebastien Greenberg) are kindly provided by PremiumBeat.com. License this music: http://bit.ly/1BJdLc3