Insane hand-painted style transfer of Blade Runner by Anders Ramsell.  Luckily you can now use Transfusion to do this kind of style transfer in After Effects!

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Author Notes

This animation consists of 12 597 aquarelle paintings. Each painting is approximately 1,5*3cm in size. Together they form my 35 minute long paraphrase of the motion picture Blade Runner (1982) by Ridley Scott.

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"Blade Runner - The Aquarelle Edition" follows the original movie´s storyline but I have taken the liberty to change a lot of things. It was never my intent to make an exact version of the movie, that would fill no purpose. Instead I wanted to create a something different and never before seen -- "The Aquarelle Edition".

...So this one is dedicated to everybody with any kind of heart. Enjoy!


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