The lads over at Cub Studios made a blog post explaining how animations created with Bodymovin and Lottie are the future of web design.


Tools used

Author Notes

Lottie is a library that allows apps to natively use Adobe After Effects animations in real time. By exporting .json files from After Effects using the Bodymovin extension, the geniuses at Airbnb Design have created a way for animators like us to quickly and simply export high quality animations to digital developer clients. Making animations smoother, more manageable and without the app user needing to download heavy animation files.

At Cub Studio, we are increasingly being asked to produce animated content for apps and mobile. This often throws up numerous issues with regards to file sizes, image quality and the archaic, yet all pervasive formats like the animated GIF. Thankfully, the internet is populated by an elite cadre of smart people encountering the same issues, and thus Lottie was created!

Check out some more examples of our Lottie animations, Below we highlight some of the great benefits of using the Lottie technology.


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