friedpixels explains the new volume meshing feature introduced in Stardust 1.5.

Tools used

Author Notes

There's a new version of Stardust (1.5) and I wanted to create a quick'ish look at some of the new features. Mostly taking a look at the new volume meshing. I haven't spent much time with it yet, but just wanted to go over the a test scene and one of the presets.


I also talk a little bit about the new features on the Material node, volume caching, and other tid bits. Look forward to seeing what people do with this, it opens up a whole new world of creative fun in After Effects!


00:01 - Intro

00:48 - Node Workflow Introduction

01:14 - Preset in new comp

03:30 - Boolean 

05:59 - Offset Node

09:15 - Material Node updates

11:38 - UV options

14:30 - Test scene overview

15:46 - Material - Normals affect Opacity 

16:40 - Volume Caching

17:48 - Volume offset



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