Made with Bodymovin - Lottie and Ray Dynamic Color by @georegulus

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At the end of last year, I worked with @manual_sf and @strava to bring their ‘Year in Sport’ to life. In previous years, Strava had created both animated videos and a static in-app experience to present the experience. This was the first year the team set out to create a fully data-driven animated experience within the Strava app, giving athletes an immersive personalized experience that could be easily shared across social channels.

Design: Strava + Manual (Team: @tomcrabtree @tetoirwin @franklionetti @patcaz @nathan.fyock @_isabellawelch @alirezajaj) It was great collaborating with you all.

#datavisualization #motiongraphics #yearinsport #strava #athletesdontquit #manualcreative #lottieanimation #lottieanimations


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