Black Mixture released their top 10 After Effects plugins for 2020 and we are proud to have 7 out of 10 on their list:  LockdownAutoFillMagnumSplashElement 3DAnimation ComposerMocha Pro

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There are so many plugins and scripts for After Effects, that it makes it a challenge to find the best and most useful. Especially with new plugins coming out all the time. Like who has time to sit through and review them all. Well apparently I do. Because after trying hundreds of plugins over the years, I have boiled it down to my all time top 10 favorites. These include plugins that add 3D support, liquid smooth animation tools, and much much more. It may be tempting to drop a stack to get some new plugins but BEFORE YOU BUY, I recommend you check out this video because I'll share my experience and how some of these may work have worked in commercials, music videos, and even video games. Just know that all of these plugins made it to this list because they come stacked with super useful features, are made by really dope developers, and even better one of these plugins we're also going to be giving away 10 licenses of to our audience. More details at the end of this video and updates will posted on our Instagram @blackmixture.


10. Splash

9. Element 3D

8. RTFX Generator

7. Red Giant Complete

6. Animation Composer

5. Mocha Pro

4. AutoFill

3. Magnum 3

2. Lockdown

1. FX Console


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