Animated Holiday Card created with Joysticks 'n Sliders  by Studio Pigeon

Tools used

Author Notes

Who wouldn't like a good challenge ahead of Christmas! While our friends were trying to find the first snow this season for TV ads, we came up with a different plan. We simply drew it! All this effort was put together to tell the Great Story of a Small Christmas Tree.

Art Director: Sławek Wydra
Producer: Martyna Orlik
Key illustration: Gosia Jeniec
Illustrations: Gosia Jeniec, Hania Oloś, Sveta Sytsko, Sławek Wydra, Ewa Skowron
Stilomatic artist: Sławek Wydra
Animatic artist: Ewa Drzewicka
2D Animation: Sławek Wydra, Mateusz Jędrzejewski, Rafał Blecharz, Kaja Krzysiek, Maja Krajewska
Cel animation: Kaja Krzysiek, Sławek Wydra, Edward Kurchevsky, Maja Krajewska, Kamil Helbin
FX animation: Sławek Wydra
Editing & compositing: Sławek Wydra


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