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Author: PENCIL Park

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Quick Overview

Get Reach: AEsstential Kit + Volume n' Tricks + GuidesUp! together, and save 50%. 
A unique workflow improvement offering with a huge discount.

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Save 50% on Reach, Volume n' Tricks and GuidesUp!

Reach Normally $42
Volume n' Tricks Normally $34.99
GuidesUp! Normally $14.99

Regular price:$91.98
Bundle price:$45.99

Volume n' Tricks is a unique tool for creating volumes on the fly.

  • Create 32 isometric projections and volumes/extrusions
  • Define an extrusion with a unique volume FX
  • Rotate/Pivot your creations! 
  • Set up light and its brightness angle and opacity
  • Cast a shadow and manage its properties
  • Apply a gradient, choose different blend modes
  • Fine-tune a pretty smooth light falloff preset
  • Open the Effect Controls panel and change VnT parameters live!
  • Select multiple layers and apply VnT at once.
  • Precompose and Crop your layers on the fly!
  • Volume/Extrusion is available for shape and text layers, and also vector files (illustrator .ai) and .eps
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Design from new perspectives: add volume to your creation&nbsp without 3D layers or cameras.


GuidesUp: Aligned with your worflow

  • Create and use an Isometric magnetic map in 1 click!
  • Create a Hex map 
  • Create a grid based on the Golden Ratio NEW: Shift + Click to use The rule of thirds guides!
  • "Frame items" (set automatically guides around shapes, footage etc.) on multiple layers
  • Set up the "ALL, TOP, LEFT, RIGHT or BOTTOM " Guides, even on multiple layers
  • Position guides on items Anchor Point
  • Toggle Snap (magnetism of the Rulers)
  • Toggle Show Guides
  • Save and load Guides in 1 click!
  • Add cinematic black bands (because it's cool)
  • Empty Memory and disk cache bonus button
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Do you animate and align your items(texts, shapes, footage, or so) using Adobe After Effects guides?
Then you have to go to the "View" menu, then tick "Show Rulers", then check "Show Guides" (or Ctrl/Cmd +R then Ctrl/Cmd +; etc.)... And this, several times per comp, per project, per day, per month, per year, per decade?
We have a small tool that may surprise you.
Have you ever tried to design using a snaping isometric map?
Let us introduce you to "GuidesUp!"


Reach: the largest workflow optimizer

  • Access and Bookmark 150 AE Commands
  • Bookmark, Apply and Toggle All Your Effects
  • Your Presets
  • Your Plugins
  • Your Scripts
  • And your extensions
  • 60+ Features embedded inThe Tool
  • Pre-made Expressions
  • Expressions Editor + Script Helper + Saver
  • Anchor Point Mover
  • 2 Sliders to Ease Your Keyframes 
  • A Bookmark Manager, A Dynamic UI ...And a Responsive Search Bar to Reach Them All

This, is REACH.

User Interface

Handy, Modular and Evolving tool for Motion Design Workflow.  Reach offers the most obvious way to the After Effects arsenal while bringing many original tools, from simple to sophisticated.
With Reach, you can find and execute anything, whether one of your expressions, an effect, a preset, a plugin, or a script... everything is accessible with the search bar. You can also add your search results to your bookmark list. Moreover, you benefit from almost 50 exclusive features (add Mark to layers with Expressions, Sync a property to Audio, etc.) and a flexible interface with exclusive features: Anchor Point Mover, Add a save a watermark, Align to A Selected Object, and so on. You also have Easing sliders and a toolbar to improve your workflow.

Created by motion designers for motion designers, Reach is constantly evolving based on your feedback.

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User Interface

After Effects 2023, 2022
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    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects


    Create a magnetic 3D isometric Map in 1 click, set up Golden Ratio Guides, 16:9 Guides, Hex Map...And above all, manage items, anchors and guides like never before!

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  • REACH: AEssential Kit

    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects

    REACH: AEssential Kit


    Handy, Modular, and Evolving tool for Motion Design Workflow.  Reach offers the most obvious way to the After Effects arsenal while bringing many original tools, from simple to sophisticated.

    All side-features (toolsets) are available in the Trial version for free

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  • Volume n' Tricks

    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Volume n' Tricks

    Introducing Volume n' Tricks - a game-changer for 2D/2.5D design. Create outstanding isometric volumes and rotation without 3D layers or cameras. Plus, the faux camera adds even more depth to your designs. Elevate your 2D art to outer space with Volume n' Tricks.

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