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Author: David Torno

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Export a document listing of your After Effects project assets
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Simply put, Project Info List Exporter (ProjectI.L.E. for short) is a handy script that will allow you to export a document listing of your After Effects project assets.

Why use this instead of the built in "Collect" feature of After Effects? Well, Project Info List Exporter gives you options to actually customize your list allowing you to export a list of ONLY the missing files in your project as well as a list of just stills, comps, videos, audio or any combination you choose. You can even list every asset in your entire project if need be.

Labels options:
You can label assets by type...

  • Folders
  • Comps
  • Videos
  • Stills
  • Audio

Info options:
You can add asset info like...

  • Missing
  • File path location of asset
  • Comments you've made on asset in the Project panel
  • Missing Only option: Export only the missing assets in your project

File Formats:
You can export your list as...

  • Text File
  • Tab Delimited File
  • Comma Delimited File (.csv)

NOTE: A spreadsheet application, like Excel, is required to view tab delimited (.txt) or comma delimited (.csv) files correctly.

List Header:
All list exports will have a header that includes...

  • Project file name
  • Version of After Effects currently used at time of export
  • Version of operating system currently used at time of export
  • The date and time of export
  • A legend key will also appear if any of the "Label" or "Info" options are used

After Effects CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3