Marker Conductor
  • Hi!

    Is there any chance for a 2020 update?

    thank you :)
  • First off, thanks a ton for this script! It's a huge time saver when crafting audio driven animations. I have a small request for any potential future update if its in the works. On the Time side, you have the option to have the marker comment display the count, but on the BPM side you use the marker comments to display the time signature (ie. beats per measure) instead. I was hoping for you to allow us the option of choosing between the marker comments for BPM to be either the time signature OR the marker count. Both options would be incredibly useful when using markers to drive animations via expressions (especially for longer timelines). At the moment my workaround is to just generate 2 separate nulls, one with the BPM and time signature, and another using Time with count to so I can reference the marker count, but that requires me to do the tricky math of figuring out how many BPS are in my particular BPM (which is what I'm trying to avoid doing every time I use this script). Other than that, Marker Conductor is awesome, really appreciate your work!
  • Is there anything similar for premiere pro??