After Effects Multiple instances hangs when rendering using PHP and Command Line
  • I am trying to render video from Adobe After Effects using PHP through command line. When i try to render video from After effects render Queue, i can see in Task Manager that all CPU cores are using. i have following PHP script which takes AE template file and render video.

          exec('aerender.exe -project myproject.aepx -comp "Final" -mp  -output')
         // -mp - Additional processes may be created to render multiple frames simultaneously

    When i execute this PHP file from command line like
        php /path/to/above_script_file.php

    its working fine too. All CPU cores are using and video is rendering.


    **BUT** when i execute same script from browser using WAMP server, rendering starts, all instances get starts but suddenly close and 1 or sometimes 2 After effects instances are running but in hanged position. No memory or CPU is changing. 


    These are my After Effects preferences


    When i am trying to render using below command
        aerender -project /path/ -comp Final -mp -output

    its working and using multiprocessing. but when trying to render from web app it show below error message in log file

        There is an error in background rendering so switching to foreground rendering after 0 frames completed out of total 601 frames.

    Message interpretation:

        The multiprocessing feature was unable to use all instances beyond a     certain point in the rendering process. This is an error that only shows     in the render log file.
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