Plexus 3 Parent Plexus Object to 3D light?
  • I'm sure you've answered this before but I'm getting a headache scouring through all the irrelevant results I'm getting from searching.  The issue is simple.  I wish to parent a plexus object (XY and Z) to a 3D light with keyframes on it.  I've tried a couple of expressions that I though should work but AE is not happy with them when it comes to the plexus XY position linking up to XY transforms of the light due to improper labeling.  I know it's a attribute naming issue within the Plexus effect and I just know what the proper names are for Plexus X And Y.  Please help.

    I'll need to do this with multiple Plexus objects in a comp all linking to the same light movement.  Thanks in advance.

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