LayerMonkey or TypeMonkey adjust Reverse Angle of Rotation in the expression
  • I want to create a flip clock/text effect for text (in TypeMonkey) or outlines (in LayerMonkey), however, the "SWING DOWN" effect only rotates the text from a starting point rotation angle that swings the text down from behind. 

    I want the effect to Swing Down from the front (like a retro flip clock) as opposed to from behind - which is just the reverse angle of the rotation or orientation.

    I tried adjusting the expression but that broke the entire animation. 

    I tried a FLIP HORIZONTAL transform setting on the text outlines in illustrator, but LayerMonkey expression negates that and i wind up where i started - with a swing down motion from behind.

    Any suggestions on how to make such a minor adjustment?

    There should be an option in the animation settings to choose the angle of rotation for SWING DOWN and SWING UP movements.
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