After Effects Plugins and cc 2018
  • Just wondering what the deal is with refunds and plugins not working with cc 2018?

    We had to do a complete system reboot on one of our machines which included automatically installing the new cc 2018 Adobe software (another gripe for Adobe - how the hell do you install earlier versions through the Creative Cloud app?!). Great you might think, but not all plugins are working and compatibility seems to be a bit of a lottery. We've basically been forced to upgrade across the board, or ditch the plugins from our workflow.

    The current headache is with True Comp Duplicator. I would leave a comment on the True Comp plugin page but every time we try we get a "login to leave a comment" and no matter how many times we login we can't post a comment.

    As a consumer, to my mind "Adobe CC" is "Adobe CC", especially as the updates are pretty much forced on you by Adobe. If we buy a plugin for "Adobe CC" I'd expect it to work!
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