Exporting time remap to JSON
  • I could use a little help.

    Here is what I am doing.  I am working on an iPhone game and was very unhappy with the character animation tools available for SpriteKit (apples game dev library).  This started my search for a way to efficiently export an after effects timeline to JSON.

    After a lot of trial an error I ended up setting on using a couple scripts to bake a timeline: bakeParentedTransform and jsSmartBaker - then I would export the timeline to JSON with facebook's keyframes library extension: https://github.com/facebookincubator/Keyframes, and then edit out anything I didn't need in the JSON before feeding it all into a custom library I create to load and manage the JSON animations.

    It is a lot of steps but ultimately it is more efficient than anything else I could find, and worked.

    Here is the problem.  Currently it does not export time remap data.  What I want to do is export the frame of the sub timeline so that in the animation manager can change the sprite of an individual part of the animation.  I could do this by hand, but good got that would be tedious.

    So I am here asking for any guidance in modifying the Keyframe script to add this functionality?  I know Swift and AS quite well, but JS for AE is a bit of a foreign beast to me.  I took a pass at it and everything broke, hah.

    From my digging I believe this is the specific script that handles all the exporting:

    Thanks in advance.

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