• I think this has promise, however once you get the plug in....it seems like there is a need for a tutorial.
    I bought this because I want to get the isolated cars result in addition to my clean plate. But there doesnt seem to be a way to do this...which you show i your demo video. How can you get the isolated stuff? And please don't say use the difference keyer that comes with AE, because that thing is garbage.

  • I have the same question as Clayton Douglas, only I have yet to purchase the plug-in.  Does this plug-in allow me to KEEP the moving objects rather than REMOVE them?  It would be interesting to know what method is being used to perform this removal.  I know you can create a similar effect with a series of shots in Photoshop (frame-stack a Smart Object and use a Median Stack Mode)... but if this is a totally different method I'm wondering if it could be used as a type of 'key' -- for example, if you have a person talking in a room, and then exiting the camera (so you can get a good clean plate), would you then be able to use this plug-in NOT to remove the person, but to remove the background (like in your sample video where only the vehicles are shown instead of the freeway ramps)?  That would be very slick indeed.  
  • So, I have the exact same question. Just wanted do second this, to make clear that this is something people really want. It's a key without green screen, if you will.
  • i can whole heartedly back the comments that came before! If it would be possible to get the moving objects singled out by them self, that would be awesome! it would be quite a revolutionary way to key footage without the need of a greenscreen (as long as you have stationary camera at least)
  • Also would like to know if it’s possible to get the isolated elements like you show in your demo. (For example having just the cars as a layer)
  • Like others, I'm highly interested in this plug in, to ditch the background and keep the moving objects.  If I get word that this does that, then I'm a buyer.
  • If a movement tolerance slider can be added to select how much movement removed, then this is a game changer.  You would be able to have subtle camera movements, yet remove faster items.
  • For those wanting to keep the moving items instead of removing them, I found this on the developer's site:

    After you have created a clean image, you can easily extract the moving objects. One way is to use the “difference matte” effect. Create a new composition and add two layers: The original sequence and a precomposed, clean image which comes from Superpose. Hide the visibility of the clean image and add the “Difference Matte” effect to the original sequence. Use the superposed image as the “Difference Layer” and adjust the parameters to tweak the result.

    This is the page that references the information above: http://www.keller.io/superposedoc/
  • Keller.io, "Superpose" has been available for months. Please provide in-depth video tutorials, along with a non-ambiguous written manual for this plugin.
  • I think this plugin is quite amazing actually, and pretty easy to figure it out.

    I recently shot this test in downtown Los Angeles and it turned out to be exactly what I needed.

  • Are there any known compatibility issues with AE 2020? I don't see it listed in the 'Compatibility' tab. Thank you.
  • It would be nice if you'd post some sort of tutorial. The plugin is not that easy to control with lots of footage. And not the fastest with 4K footage.
  • This product has been on my wishlist since it came out. Finally have a project for it. Downloaded it to find 0 information about how to use it. The link to the support on their website is dead. Glad I did the trial first! Doesn't seem to be compatible with 2022 anyway... 
  • Found a good tutorial here:

    Ok, it works on M1 and CC 2022. Just slowly. No multi-frame. 
  • Amazing plugin. Any hope for an update? 
  • Hello. For people who have a new Mac (apple M1 Max & CC 2022-3), Superpose 2 can only works if you start After Effect in version Rosetta. "Cmd i" Any hope for an update ?
  • Conceptual rebranding for Superpose: "Clean Plate Club"
  • Une version pour adobe after effect 2024 sera disponible ?