BG Renderer ends early
  • If I submit a job to BG Renderer and I open another AE project before the first frame has rendered, then BG Renderer will terminate early with a "render complete" message. (although not a single frame has been rendered).

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue? (Mac AE CS6 (11.0.1), OS X 10.8.2, & BG R v2.12)
  • I'm having the exact same problem, perhaps CS6 is not compatible?
  • I'm having a similar problem...I set a render for x numbers of frames. It goes through the render process and finishes. It doesn't report any problems or errors. But when you look at the frame numbers it has only rendered y number of frames. In my most recent example I set it to render 5174 frames and it claims to be done at 5171 frames.

    This just started today that I noticed.

    Running AE CS5.5( OSX 10.7.5 BG Renderer v2.12

  • I'm having the same problem as Franz, rendered files are consistently a few frames shorter than comps.  
  • These are After Effects issues with aerender.  Please upgrade to the latest version of AE and it should fix the issue.
  • Still having the issue with BG Renderer that it stops early out of a render, and give the "have a nice day". It usually happens when I go back to AE or jump over to Premiere, then BGRenderer ends. I know this has been an issue for awhile and we are encouraged to report it to Adobe, but it still happens and just upgraded to CC2014 13.113 and OS 10.9.5. Apparently it is not on Adobe's radar. Wanted to see if there are any fixes workarounds or anything to keep this from happening..? Thanks, 
  • Please post this in the BG Renderer discussion or open a support ticket.
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