Plexus issue. Beginner question.
  • So I've just recently gotten plexus, and when I set up a basic path, nothing shows up.
    I've created a black solid, and used plexus as an effect on the solid. All I do is select the path option, grab the star mask (as shown in the tutorial) and create a mask. The problem is here, unlike in the video where he has the plexus actually show up inside the mask, it does not show up for me. I'm just creating a normal mask as if plexus wasn't even there.
    I've check my ram allocation for the openGL and it's at 400 mb. I've looked pretty hard for an solution and I just can't seem to find one.
  • I've had a similar issue. I create a path and add "points on each mask" but nothing appears. I finally found that the points were being created in the distance, floating off the comp boundaries. I used the "Offset" settings of the Plexus Points Renderer module to correct this floating target, similar to the way you can edit the Anchor Point of a layer in AE. But later, when I added a Lines Renderer module, the lines were floating off in that same spot, and I couldn't get them to sync up with the points until I removed the "Offset" settings I changed. Any chance that's your problem too?
  • Still none. They aren't anywhere.
  • Try setting everything to 0 on the z-axis.  Also check the scale of your scene to make sure the max distance is set accordingly.
  • I am having the exact same problem. I set everything to 0 on the z axis. How do I set the scale of my scene?
  • Check the position of your camera relative to your plexus objects
  • I'm having this issue - I can offset the points but not the lines, was there any solution to this?
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