Points are not lining up with the path
  • I'm a total noob.... so be nice, and please let me know if I'm in the wrong place.

    I created a path and applied Plexus 2 (AE cs6). But the points do not line up with the path... it's as if they are offset into the distance. I used the "Offset" settings to correct for this, but when I added a Lines Renderer, the lines appeared off in the distance as well. Same wrong spot. 

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  • Ha! I figured it out. Thanks to my coworker Levi. In order for the Plexus points to line up with the path, the solid must be the same dimensions as the comp. So make sure to make your solid and your comp match up!
  • Good tip!  Thanks for sharing your solution.
  • What about when you want to use a text layer. I see the same problem but not sure how to fix it with text as I cant make that the size of the comp. Any ideas for this?
  • Chris, did you ever figure it out? ..Having the same issue
  • Hi guys,

    Same issue. Basic setup - 1 Camera, 1 3D Null and one Plexus Solid Layer. Plexus Layers Object and Points Render only (there's only one point - the 3D Null).

    So in AE CC running Plexus 2.0.10 we get an offset from the Null and the rendered plexus point (as if it's in the distance).

    Thing is the exact same setup but AE CS 6 with Plexus 2.0.8 or AE CC with Plexus 2.0.6 and the plexus point then lines up as it should with the Null?

    We need to render a comp with a more complex setup across two machines running CC but we're getting completely different Plexus results depending on which version of Plexus 2 is installed. We can't use a work around (doing it by "eye" and trying to offset manually - it's never exact and won't line up with the other render on the second machine).

    Can we get a downloader for the latest Plexus 2? Hoping the issues was fixed post 2.0.10!!!

    On a deadline, any help much appreciated :)