WANTED: Paint on Video for Premiere Pro
  • Hey People,

    if any plugin programmers are lurking here: a suggestion. As far as i can see there is no simple paint or draw on video plugin for premiere which allows frame by frame hand drawn animation. obviously great would be an optional onion mode, cloning from one frame to another. Basically an MS Paint Layer inside Premiere. I mean free drawing, not along a path, or using bezier curves, no tracking, just frame-by-frame.

    first: i cant believe this has not been done by anyone. I mean, first it seems pretty "easy" to implement, i mean you can basically do this in a browsers nowadays: https://www.piskelapp.com/

    second it seems so obvious that this should exist. Paint on film, frame by frame animation etc is one of the oldest techniques in vfx / experimental film and seriously have to fire up After Effects to scribble onto my video??? that cant be serious.

    third: if its not crazy expensive i would buy it in a whim, and i think a lot of people would.