BG Renderer Pro "Error creating launcher file"
  • Recently this error message started to pop up, when I try to render something with BG Renderer. Any idea, how to fix this?

    Mac OSX 10.8.2
    AE CS5

  • Did you solve this? I'm having the same issue with CS6
  • This is a permissions issue  Please make sure the permissions are set properly for your user account. You can also use the 'Save BG Launcher' feature to save the launcher file somewhere you know you definitely have permissions like the Desktop.
  • I'm admin on my account with full access to all of the drives I am connected to. I get this error even when trying to render to the desktop. has anyone found another solution?
  • Have you tried the 'Save BG Launcher' option? Can you try in another computer? Sometimes there are issues when AE was installed under a different user. If this is the case try it from the user under which AE was installed.
  • sometimes it will work when I use "Save BG Launcher" option and sometimes it does not.
    I'll get with our IT people to see if we can test out the "installed under a different user" idea.

    BTW I'm taking your scripting class on fxphd now. 
    havent actually done the tutorials yet but am really looking forward to it.