• There are several plugins that copy and paste only the value of keyframes, but most of them do it from clicks, and I want something in a keyboard shortcut.

    The "KEYBoard" plugin is 90% of what I'm looking for, but it doesn't have a simple copy and paste function.

    Does anyone know if there is a plugin or any way to configure a shortcut, like a simple one (command + C/V) but to copy only the keyframe values?
  • You don't need a plug-in. 

    select the property instead of the keyframe and it will copy the value of the property at the time marker

    just put the time marker where the keyframe is, but dont select the keyframe itself, to copy the keyframe value
  • I already tried that and it didn't work. I know there are native functions to copy only properties or expressions, but that doesn't copy the keyframe value.
  • I don't want to copy the entire keyframe. They will have (position, scale, rotation, opacity) with different values, and should stay that way. What I want to copy is just the influence value on the keyframe, as many simple plugins do.
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