Typewriter effect with changing mid-sentence words
  • Seems theres a bunch of typewriter effects and how to do them but I was not able to find a solution to make similar effect in a way that my sentence would appear as it would be typed in typewriter style, yet i could make it look like I'm changing / fixing certain word in middle of the sentence ( like erasing a specific work and retyping another ) so that the text line would reflect on removing the word and retyping another.

    I can of course think of multiple manual ways to create this effect but it comes to making a lot of keyframes especially when Im recreating this effect on multiple occasions, so if someone know a good and fast work around to achieve this effect, let me know! Or could help me out if theres a work around through using expression.
  • hi Jarno!
    I have a simple preset with commented expressions at my GumRoad.

    I guess you would have to tweak it to achieve what you want.
    1) change the amount to be an absolute value and not a percentage, bc if your going to change the text length, it might change how many letters are displaying.
    2) to change the text, I suggest you to link the expression with another text layer, with keyframed text changes or link to markers with the text you need.

    let me know if it's comprehensible.