How they did this? (AE+3D?)
  • Hello folks,

    This is my new post on the community :) I really link flipped-style animations in AE but at this time I found a template that used a very different technique and I want to know how. 

    And here is the layers. 
    Image - 1 

    As you see, there are compositions luma matted and animated with Bezier warp. The page animation was created in 3D software probably and linked as sequence files.

    Image - 2 
    As you can see renderID pass renders are processed with Shift Channels preset. 

    The detail I want to know is how he imported the rendered sequenced but how he replaced curved composition with rendered animation. 

    I just made a quick test, when I masked with luma, the composition linked to rendered images but was not curved. How can I replace my composition with rendered images and looks curving animation?

    I'm using AEtransfer plugin for 3Ds Max export to After Effects. The plugin can export the animated objects with the keyframes perfectly but it only exports solid flat planes, boxes, etc. but not curved objects. 

    So I'm %100 sure he made the animation in a 3D software but I don't know how he match compositions with the render. 

    Please share your thoughts. I really want to learn this technique.

    Thanks and best wishes. 
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