Plexus 2 - Facets
  • I'm a little confused about generating facets. I've only been able to create facets when I'm using a .obj model or using primitive geometry.
    I have an array of lights that I want to create facets, but I've only been able to render triangulation.
    If this is the case, why is there a check box "generate facets" when using the layer object?
    I haven't been able to render facets (with or without the check-box marked) for either 3-D objects (nulls) or point lights.
    Any ideas what I'm missing?
  • Please watch the "Facets & Triangulation" tutorial for details on how to get facets with Plexus:  
  • Thanks, I've previously watched the video and it makes perfect sense (in certain cases). As I stated above, I have no problem generating facets when using "primitives" geometry or a ".obj" geometry.
    I'm trying to generate facets with an array of lights. (which is "layers" geometry).
    I have not been able to generate facets when using a "layer object" for the geometry. In my case the layer is an array of lights, (I've also tried null objects, but I haven't got that working either).
    I'm assuming I can create facets when using layer objects (Lights or 3D layers), can you confirm?
    If not, why is there a check box to generate facets?