Any Premiere Pro script/plugin developers out there?
  • I love this site, and I have bought many scripts and plugins for AE here.  I'm currently considering a switch to the new Premiere Pro for NLE purposes, due in large part to its tight integration with AE.  But there are a couple of key functions missing that I think Adobe is unlikely to address directly in the CC update on 6/17, or in any future update.  I thought I'd reach out to this community, as there may be a good amount of overlap in the SDK for the two programs, and one of the geniuses here might be interested in dipping a toe into the Premiere Pro waters!

    Specifically, I'm looking for a more robust timecode-based syncing function in the timeline, for multicamera shoots with cameras that stop and start numerous times.  Essentially, it's the auto sequence function from Avid Media Composer.  Similar to Red Giant's Pluraleyes -- but if it worked on timecode instead of audio waveforms.   I know a number of people and companies who would happily pay for a script or plugin like this, as it would save days of work for longform programming.

  • Unfortunately Adobe has not created a scripting api for Premiere which is why there are no scripts for Premiere.  And the plugin SDK is extremely limited, not sure you could create a plugin with the functionality you describe. I would encourage you to request this feature from Adobe directly: