Scripting Help.
  • Hi all,
     I'm just getting started with scripting for after effects. I'm wondering if there is a way for a palette to always open centered on a users monitor when they run the script. So far all I can find is setting the position using "bound" in the window constructor function.  

    myPalette.bounds = [800,200,800,300];

    Any help is appreciated. thanks

  • I would highly advise against this but you would would need to query the size of the monitor (and check to make sure there isn't more than one) and then manually set it to the center.  But again, this is hacky coding and bad UX design.
  • There's a Window method .center(), but I'm not sure if that works with palettes, or just Windows/Dialogs. Worth a try.;

  • thanks for the help guys. I've taken Lloyd's words of wisdom and decided to go another route.