Plexus question (rendering facets) Beginner question!
  • Hi everyone!

      I just got Plexus 2 today which is my first version of Plexus that I've used. I am going through tutorial bootcamp and for some reason whenever I add a Facets Renderer to my solid, nothing happens. I've tried increasing the max difference, zooming in and out with my camera, etc, but nothing works. I have other renderer objects such as lines on the solid already and that works fine, it's just the facets that give me trouble.

      Is there a setting in AE that I should have turned on that I'm missing? 

      Again---I am a total newbie with Plexus, so please forgive my ignorance. Thank you all so much in advance!
  • Make sure the object you are using has the 'Generate Facets'  setting turned on to something that matches what you want to render.
  •   Thanks so much for responding. When you say "Turned on to something that matches what you want to render" is there a way to specify that? Right now I have 'Generate Facets' turned on, and everything is set to effect all groups.

     Interestingly enough, if I Replicate 3 copies or more of the path object, the facets appear. Not sure if this helps figure out what's going on.

    Thanks again!

  • Hard to say without seeing your project. If you think you have found a bug please open a support ticket and include your project file (just the .aep no footage)
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