Mochaimport plus and Warp stabilizer (AE)
  • Mochaimport plus and Warp stabilizer (AE)

    Hallo everybody,
    I've Mochaimportplus and AE CS6. I have an hand made clip and I'd like to make a simply corner pin on, but before send clip to mocha (by Mochaimport) i applied a Warp Stabilizer to have a better fluid camera movement. But I noted that Warp Stabilizer effects didn't afflict clip sent to Mocha and therefore I'd like to ask what I have to do to track in Mocha (by Mochaimport) a stabilized clip in AE.
    Many thanks.

  • Hi Simone,

    mocha always reads the raw clip without any effects applied to it.
    If you want to see the result of the warp stabilizer in mocha, you need to
    1. render your composition to get a video file (or image sequence) containing the stabilized video
    2. put this stabilized video in a new composition
    3. send it to mocha with MochaImport+

    If you are not sure to what format you should export the video, see

  • Great Mathias,
    but what do you suggest? I mean, if you make a .png STABILIZED sequence, for example, and than make in Mocha a track, when you come back in AE, for you final rendering, you have to work  with this .png sequence (and no more with original clip not stabilezed!) Therefore, I thing I should choose a very good export format, as Open EXR, for instance, so that then we can work  (apply corner pin, color matching, grading, final compositing) with a good format to render. Is that a good practice?

    I'm going to create an work-flow to make Corner Pin in AE and in NukeX. So, I'll follow your tuts and If I've further questions, I'll ask you!
    Many thanks.

  • I recommend working with a lossless tiff sequence. 
    You don't need to continue working with this sequence in AE: In principle it should be no problem to apply the tracking data you got from the sequence to a precomp that contains the stabilized clip instead of the rendered file.

    By the way, I am also currently experimenting with mocha Nuke workflows.

  • Okay, so this is the work flow you suggest:
    1 - stabilize Original Clip applying Warp Stabilizer;
    2 - Precomp stabilized Original Clip;
    2 - Export this clip as a TIFF Sequence;
    3 - Import in AE the TIFF Sequence and precomp it;
    4 - Track this TIFF Sequence in Mocha with Mochaimport+;
    5 - Apply track data to  precomposed Original Clip stabilized.
    If I have well understands this should be a good practice.
    Concerning Nuke, I think could be a great idea to stabilize directly in Nuke your Original Clip and than track it on Mocha. Maybe we need a plugin to access Mocha from Nuke, as your Mochaimport+ for AE...!

  • Hi Mathias,
    what happened? You you have disappeared :)

    I've another problem and I don't know if it depends from your Mochaimport+ .
    I created this curved corner pin with Insert Tool / Warp:

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Free Image Hosting at" border="0"/></a>

    but when I try to import it in AE (select image in comp/ Apply in Mochaimport) corner pin doesn't meantime the curved shape made in Mocha with Insert tool:

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Free Image Hosting at" border="0"/></a>

    So, what is wrong?

  • Please open a support ticket for direct help. These forums are for general questions. 
  • Ah, okay. I make it soon.
  • Hi Simone,
    sorry for the late reply - somehow I didn't get any email notifications about this thread.

    It could well be that you see something like MI+ for Nuke in the future :-)

    The Warp of mocha Pro can only be used with the insert tool directly in mocha Pro, but you cannot export this data to After Effects. If you need to use After Effects, I would try to create a stabilized precomp with MochaImport+ based on the uncurved corner pin. Make sure to enlarge the blue surface rectangle a bit, to see in the stabilized precomp a bit of context around the element you want to insert. Then you can use in the precomp any warping tool of AE (e.g. mesh warp, liquify or bezier warp) to get the missing deformation (you might need a few keyframes on the warp, but in the precomp it should be much easier than in the original perspective.

    Curved corner pin might be an interesting general problem for a tutorial.
    Any chance I could get the clip to make a tutorial based on it?

  • "It could well be that you see something like MI+ for Nuke in the future
     It would be great...!

    "The Warp of mocha Pro can only be used with the insert tool directly in
    mocha Pro, but you cannot export this data to After Effects."

    Uhm, but what does it mean? In this case, I have to render directly in

    Great idea to make a tutorial on Curved corner pin, and if you want, I
    can send you my "Piccadilly clip", without any problems!
    make me know.

    Many thanks Mathias.

  • I add...
    Yes, is very important to work in AE cause you can apply effect to your (cirner pinned) image as Edge blur, motion blur, and of course you have also to make a color matching between BG and corne pinned image!
    So, therefore, I'm going to follow your suggestions to curve corner pin in AE.