BG Renderer Hangs on "Launching aerender..." in AE CS6
  • BG Renderer doesn't execute, even though it did when I first installed it a few days ago and nothing has changed, it is even the same AE files it hangs on. the terminal just doesn't go past "Launching aerender..."

    System details in screenshot.
  • Have you tried restarting your machine?  I would also try the 'Save BG Launcher' option and save the launcher in a different location. Also if your AE project is very big it could take a long time to launch.
  • Thank you, the project was pretty big. A long queue of renders. Where might I find that Option? I have the basic version of BGrender, thought that didn't have settings.
  • That is a pro only feature but if you click on advanced settings you should get a free trial where you can try it for free.  However is you have a very large project I bet that is the issue, either it will eventually open of your computer doesn't have enough memory to open it but it's hard to debug this. Can you try it with a test project to verify this?