Having awful problems with Plexus 2.0.7 cache
  • Can anybody help me?! Plexus was unusable in AE CS6, and is now the same in CC. If I apply Plexus to a solid, using nulls for the points, I get the right result. BUT... If I apply keyframes to any aspect of the comp (like the camera, or the null positions), the whole thing falls apart. Plexus previews the first set of keyframes, but after that, I cannot change anything and see the result. It uses sections of the old cache and jumps around in the preview. This has always been the issue for me with Plexus. I paid for it, but I literally cannot use it! It doesn't work! Please help!!!
  • Quick update! Spent a long time looking around for solutions. After half an hour playing with the project, it seems to be because i was using nulls for the point and line end position data. Changed it to point lights, and so far it's promising. Will keep posting though.