Newton2 and Element 3D
  • Purchased Elementary yesterday, and Newton2 today hoping to animate Element 3D objects in AE. Well, I found out that I can basically animate with Newton 2D shapes/images in layers after applying mask to them. However, I saw some users' demo videos animating Element 3D objects through Newton.


    The User's Guide does not provide enough info about dealing with other objects/shapes. So, any help would be appreciated as to how I can animate 3D objects from Element 3D through Newton. I'm totally lost in figuring this issue out with the lack of info. 


  • Newton works in 2D so you will need to do some space conversions to have it work with Element 3D.  
  • Hi Ammar... the fact is that Newton 2 simulates 2D physical events, but you can have fun combining it with Element 3D! The basic idea is to autotrace the element, or creating a mask on a solid, and then use that mask inside of Newton 2! There you can create your own simulation and render it out inside the same Comp where you have your Element 3D layer. After that it's simple: You can create a null for the group and parenting it to the exported layer from Newton 2 (the layer that has bunch of keyframes reproducing the simulation you have created!) now the object would follow the same mouvements and with a camera you can almost recreate a pretty realistic 3D environment simulation, but it doesn't work properly in every situation for what Mr.Alvarez said. Test it and let us know how it works!