AE Crash when having scripts in UI panel
  • Hi guys, my first writing here. Since adobe support (chat, phone, forums) cannot help me, I was thinking to give it a shot here.

    I'm trying to solve this problem for couple of months now and it started just when I got my new Mac pro. (Didn't have this problems on PC).

    To try to cut a really long story short, I'm having my AE crash when external scripts are in UI panel in AE. Scripts like BG Renderer, Ease & Wizz, True Comp duplicator, Reposition anchor point etc. Solving the problem is quite easy, just to not use the scripts in UI panel in custom workspace. That is not an option for me. I bought a very expensive hardware and software, so it would be nice for stuff to work (don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming aescripts, which is great, I blame adobe).

    If you would like to see the problem visually, I recorded my screen

    Hope you can help :)

  • Unfortunately this is an Adobe bug. I recommend you file a formal bug report with them here:

    The solution is to not use a custom workspace but use one of the default workspaces instead. I use the Standard workspace without any problems.  You can change the workspace however you want just don't resave it as a custom one and you should be fine while still having a workspace that is customized to your needs. Hope that makes sense.
  • Thanks Lloyd :)
  • p.s. You are the first person after numerous chats with adobe support to tell me the actual problem, thank you again very much.