liquify from gradient footage source
  • A plugin for warp a still picture with a gradient b/w footage.

    01) link the first B/W footage frame to a still picture
    02) the motion inside the footage B/W warp the picture

    is it possible ?

  • Have you tried the built in Displacement Map effect?
  • displacement map dont give the same effect
    i need a system like track 
    or how work puppet tool with picture but without puppet tool and in automatic mode ;-)
  • Couldn't you just add the Echo effect to your gradient and still use the Displacement Map?
  • its dont work ..
    the white zone need work like a magnet and if this magnet will be stop for 10 second i need to have the same warp effect on image for 10 second .. just like example..

    so with your idea its dont work
  • The echo effect was just a quick suggestion but surely you can figure out a way to manipulate the gradient to get the effect you want and then use the displacement map on that gradient. Don't think you will find a plugin that works for this specific use case as it seems quite unusual.
  • I have try Displacement Map many time but i have found it limited for my project:
    i want use a footage a face expression for distortion a photo a people
    all in automatic.
    Just warp it with gradient detection from source footage ;-)