Script to animate Camera (or Text, or a simple Solid) along a 3D path
  • Hallo everybody,
    I'd like to know if there is a way (script or plugins) to animate Camera along a 3D path.
    Normally, if you create/draw a path on a solid, than you can copy Mask path value to Camera Position parameter (and set Auto Orient) and your Camera it'll move rightly along a path. But I can make it when a path becomes 3D. Shortly, I'd like to apply Transform parameter NOT to a Moving Camera (or Text o any solid you want to animate on path) BUT just the Path. F.e. if you have to make a airplane path across a 3d sky.
    Any suggestion?

    P.s. I've Malty Camera but, also in this case as for a AE Camera, I don't succeed link a drawn 3D path on...

    Thanks and greetings.