Script for Shot Management
  • Hi -

    I was wondering if any scripts exist that are designed to assist groups of artists in managing the creation of shots and keep versions organized from a GUI.  Similar to the way Open Pipeline or similar software works in Maya.  We have up to 4 AE artists working on a given project and are looking for a way to better streamline the creation of projects and versioning from a central interface instead of dealing with the OSX finder.  Any info is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

    - Mike
  • Not that I am aware of. These kinds of tools tend to require specific customizations that makes it difficult to provide as a general tool. 
  • Yeah that would be the killer app for AE. Maybe if the AE project window was more of a database; like Perforce. Were it is talking to a central database. One artist could "check out a comp" make revisions and then "check it back in" providing revision control. It would be great to have a system where a project is a larger thing and each comp is a separate things. That has always been then problem. Going in and grabbing one thing from a huge project can be a pain.

    I do a lot of trailer graphics and we generate tons of cards. And multiple people work on different versions and changes. Often grabbing a background from one comp or type; you have to carry over all these assets from that projects. Dirtying up clean projects. Having better "media management and revision control inside AE would be amazing." It kinda goes back to what Stu talks about here: ;