OBJ Object, Balancer DLL Error (Plexus 2)
  • Hi, first of sorry for my beginner question, I'm learning the way around.
    In Aftre Effects I load a new comp, new solid, add Plexus 2, add "geometry obj" and I import my obj, it is not a sequence, just a simple primitive, a sphere to learn the way around.
    In my effects stack I go to  "Plexus obj Object", I try to twitch  the setting "obj resolution" and a window pops up saying:
    "Balancer DLL can not be loaded". 
    Every setting else in "Plexus obj Object" is working however, as soon as I twich another setting, as exp, "color" or "opacity" the above mentioned window pops up over and over, I can twich the setting however the window pops up. The only setting that doesn't work is "obj resolution", as soon as I imput a number the mentioned window pops up and I can not use this setting.
    Could you please tell me about, which kind of error I'm dealing with? How can I solve it?
    May the problem is caused by the setting that I export the obj with from Cinema 4d?
    Thanks a lot for your help!

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