pt_OpenSesame not working for CS5
  • Hi there, I have some files that I want to pass onto a co-worker. I'm in CC2014, but also have CC2012 and CS6 installed. He's on version CS5, so we're just half a version away from being able to just save back normally (I can save back to CS5.5).

    My company has just purchased 2 licenses of OpenSesame, but it's just not working for us. I can export a file and then import it back in, both to and from CC2014 and CS6. But when I try importing in CS5, it just hangs there, getting stuck while importing the layers (at around 10%). This is the case if I use relative or absolute paths. I thought that perhaps it was a Mac/PC thing, but I get the same issue on either platform.

    If I tell it not to import layers, then it works, but then I need to manually replace each and every layer. Usually when I go to replace a layer, AE finds any other missing ones, but that doesn't happen. I can't recall if that's just how CS5 behaved, or if it's a different issue?

    Any thoughts here? If this doesn't work, then we've basically wasted $140...

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