Suggesting script: Lossless Consolidate Quicktime Footage
  • Hey, I am using AE for color grading. Mostly importing the AAF edit from Avid. So my AE project is linked to the original footage we shot. Most of the times Quicktime clips, either from the Canon 5D or the 4K Blackmagic. My final edited sequence might be just 1 minute long BUT the footage needed for the AE project can easily be up to several hundred Gigabytes.

    It would be so nice to be able to select the sequence and have a script consolidate the original footage WITHOUT recompressing it. Simply trimming the footage and creating new quicktime files that are relinked to my sequence. Now I have a slim AE project with just the material I need. And as Quicktime offers the option to save a trimmed version of the clip without recompressing it, you could to this without losing any quality. (Of course this depends on the codec used for the quicktime. Codec with GOPs probably need to be recompressed.) Very elegant would be if the plug in would leave a folder of sequences that contain the conatcion of the original footage file and the new trimmed one. In case you need to reconnect to the original clip.

    Does that only sound interesting and helpful to me? Anyone interested to join me in creating this plugin? Cheers, Jochen
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