Batch resize
  • Several times a week I want to use AE for resizing videofiles. As it is very time consuming doing this one by one, I want to do this in a batch.
    I know this is very easy by using a custom output module, but for this situation this doesn't working.

    I have videofiles with several sizes, like 1024x48 and 1536x48. I wan't to scale them to 56 or 96 pix height for example, but keep the aspect of the original file!
    So for those 2 examples, the sizes should change to 1195x56 and 1792x56. And yes, I know the quality is not ideal with upscaling...but will also use it for downscaling....

    I think the only way will be to find a script for this. I did some experimenting with some, but couldn't find any which could do this. Writing my own script is a bit to complex.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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