malty: Simple Camera Rig Error: "Seems like some files are missing. Make sure to download the..."
  • Hi Malty,

    I'm recieving this error when running your Simple Camera Script Trial v 2.0.5 in AE CC 2014 on OS X.

    "Seems like some files are missing. Make sure to download the ZIP package from and extract it as-is to a desired destination (After Effects' Scripts directory is recommended)."

    Can you help?
    I'd really like to get it working to evaluate prior to purchase.

    I've copied the entire contents of the zip file I downloaded just now into the scripts folder of AE CC 2014. (Like this)
    The script shows up in the File>Scripts menu in AE (like this)
    When I run it I get this error in a pop up window.
    But it's done something. I just don't know if it's finished, or exited half way through the script.
    Here is what the comp looks like after I click 'OK' on the error message.

    The controls seem to work ok, but I'm not sure if perhaps it's not completely working.
    Is it still all working?
    Should I ignore the error message?
    Any ideas on how to avoid this error message?

    Many thanks,


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