How to import other scenes into a master composition
  • I am wanting to do something similar to the "got a new suit" project in the tutorial where individual scenes are created and then imported to a main composition. 
    I watched the video about combining typemonkey and layermonkey and I understand most of it including the idea of using the scene creator tool. 

    However I am having trouble figuring out the way I need to save a premade composition in order to import it into the main comp. I am a newbie so Im sure it has to do with me not understanding what a precomp is exactly, I mean I can make one (by going to the layer menu and creating a precomp) but I dont know what to do with it, or how to import that short segment into a new composition in order to create a scene.   

    I am probably not explaning this well, but the main thing is I want to know how to save and how to import short premade builds into a master composition. 

    Thanks for your help.
  • I should mention that when I try to import and combine my prebuilds it has way too much information, I have tried importing the entire After effects project into the timeline which Im sure is the wrong way to do it, then I tried to make a precomp to import into the main composition but I couldnt find an actual precomp file to import,. I tried to import the entire After effects file which now contained a precomp but that didnt work. 

    Again the main thing I want to do is make a lot of short prebuilds but I have no idea of how to render or combine those prebuilds into one comp. 
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