Plexus 2 - Map in Z-Space/Obscure 1/2 the layer?
  • Hey all, 

    Sorry if this is a repost, but I searched all around the net and couldn't find something that exactly fit my issue.

    I have a 3D globe created with element 3D v1.6 (or with CC sphere, it doesn't effect my issue) and a cloud of points and lines created with Plexus (a Sphere Primitive with a noise effector). The radius of the points is slightly larger than the E3D globe, and the rotation of the Plexus layer is parented to the rotation of the E3D null object. 

    The problem is, After Effects and/or Element 3D doesn't see the plexus points in 3D space, so when the points spin to the point where they normally would be behind the globe in z-space, they appear on-top of the 3D globe. 

    I've tried a number of combinations with track mattes and other round-about methods, but either it won't work, or I just haven't wrapped my head around how it should work that way. Is there no way to add an obscuration layer (as in particular) or make AE see plexus as a 3d object that can interact with other 3d objects? 

    Any leads, help, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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