• How come this plugin does not have any love since the v1.0???
    A couple of new options like "glow only" and "threshold" could really enhance its functions.
    It is sad to see it dead 
  • Hello,

    If I click Purchase, what OS version will I get? I need the Mac OSX verison.
  • hey

    is it working on mac os ?
  • So good.
    Can't wait to GPU it.

  • I reset the computer and then I want to register my license.
  • I have used this plugin several times without problems and very good results. In a last project it unfortunately caused my project to crash constantly and had to remove from another machine where it was not installed. Any idea of how and why?
  • Since "Real Glow" is no longer available it is not running on my new MBP with Catalina. Can my license be upgraded to a "Deep Glow" version?