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  • elad bari
    Hey buddy!
    Thank you very much for clearing out the questions I had [and probably other users].
    I had to wait with buying the save objects extension before knowing what your plans are regarding it. So, I missed the sale, but will wait for the next sale to get it.
    I'll be very honest. I think you are super talented creator, man! The ideas you get for AE tools that are practical- are amazing & useful ideas. Just, that I bought your Flatten Layers script, and saw you stopped developing it, so I said I will wait a bit to see how serious and what you plan for Save Objects too. 
    Keep doing a good job, and I hope you could find the time to fix and improve all your AE products, as they are very useful. 
    Also, educational tutorials help a lot. Maybe we can utilize these tools in ways we didn't think.
    I believe the Save Objects tutorial you made was very long and thorough tutorial. Good job!
    June 2022