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Hi Karol, can you open a support ticket and send me your file? I'll have a look at it. Cheers, François
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  • Rommel Diaz
    Hi How do I use bao joint? Do i need to create two null layers first to parent the joint? I cant seem to figure it out.
    July 13
  • Bruno Rojas
    Hi Leroy,
    I just opened a support ticket based on the comment I entered yesterday about the crash. 

    Thank you
    March 2020
  • Hisham Zireeni
    Hi leroy,

    I was wondering if BOA plugins can be used to animate complex shapes like the Arabic Calligraphy. 
    I searched many AE scripts, plugins to animate it easily, but was not successful. I can see that your script might be able to do that, and it would be great if you could advise. further, how could you do floral animation using your script?

    to shed some light, here are some links related to what I am seeking to achieve easily (less complexity using AE native tools).
    December 2018
    • leroy francois
      leroy francois
      Hi Hisham,

      you can use BOA, but it won't be that easy... The main issue will be the orientation of the 'pencil', as Boa wasn't written to do this.
      I see 2 tools that could do the trick: Mask Brush (it can be a bit heavy, but it was written to do this kind of things) and Layer Sculptor with 2 masks, one for each 'side' of the pencil.
      It also depends if you want to texturize it or not...
      Anyway, all these tools have a free trial, fully working, so it's worth giving them a try. The only limitation is a watermark on the final render.

      Just let me know if I can help.

  • Luke Milton
    Hello Leroy, I worked with you a little bit as you were developing the overlap manager for Bones.  I have downloaded the new version and I am still not able to use it without some crashes.  What happens is anytime I enable the overlap manager effect on a character, the system slowly increases RAM usage until AE ultimately crashes.  I can repeat this behavior and it directly relates to the overlap manager.  I have no problems with Bones in general, just overlap.   The longer I work with a character that has the plugin, the sooner my memory (64GB) fills and AE crashes.  Any ideas?
    November 2017
  • DImitrios Salonikios
    Thanks so much for your response!  I always forget to try out the demos before asking questions, but it was great to learn that you haven't experienced overload issues!  Thanks for replying so quickly, and I can't wait to try it out!
    October 2017
  • Geoffrey Amend
    Hi. If I scroll the playhead through the comp the BOA effect looks like it should. If I play the comp or render the comp. the BOA effect just disappears. I see nothing.
    September 2017
  • Gregory Hogan
    Thanks Francois
    August 2017
  • Hi Karol,

    can you open a support ticket and send me your file?
    I'll have a look at it.

    July 2017
  • Karol Jaszkiewicz
    Hi Leroy!

    I just downloaded the demo and set up my scene in latest CC17.
    But somehow i get strange artifacts in the contour mask that also render.
    I tried increasing the sub sampling and definition parameters but i cant solve it.
    Is it a limitation to the demo or do you have any tips for me?
    Would really appreciate your help!

    Thanks and best regards,
    July 2017
  • Hi Dave,

    can you open a support ticket and send me your project? I'll have a look at it.

    July 2017
  • Dave Morrow
    Hey Leroy - 

    Just been trying out the Boa plugin - really nice to work with - and I'm hoping to use it in a project but I'm getting some weird flickering on and off of layers when I reopen a project.

    The only time it seems to not happen is when I;m viewing it in quarter resolution and simple scrubbing through the timeline - not rendering it. Also, it has just crashed my project and took multiple restarts and purges to get back to normal?

    I'm in AE 2017 CC. I do also have multiple layers of the plugin sharing the same source object in one scene. 

    July 2017
  • Markus Reumann
    thanks for the update, you might want to put the .aex into the BAO folder (atm, the .aex are directly in the windows folder)
    November 2016
  • Laurens Verwijs
    Hi Leroy,
    I've put in a support ticket. If you have time, would you please take a look. I am on a time crush .... sorry.
    Thanks a million!

    July 2016
  • Hi Jürgen,

    can you open a support ticket?

    November 2015
  • Jürgen Rabatscher
    Hi Leroy,

    first of all, your plugin is pretty awesome ;)
    Yesterday I had the problem of connecting two points with a line and I wanted to control one of the points with a wiggle - I really tried, until 1 am, and ended up buying the mask avenger plugin. It did its job at first in my test comp in FullHD but when I applied it to the main comp, which is 8k and about 5 Minutes long, it stopped working, well, I think it just had its problems updating the long comp time. So... I thought about it and I don't know why I missed that but the beam effect did its job and everything is working fine. So here is my question as I dont see the necessity for mask avenger anymore, if I could get my money back and you disable my licence? I am sorry about that but you would really help me out here!

    November 2015
  • Hi,
    unfortunately, there is no direct way to do it. But you can link them via expression pickwhip though.
    November 2015
  • Screech Powers
    hi leroy,

    in the mask brush plugin;
    is it possible to lock the start, middle and end settings, so you don't have to change the different parameters on all three?

    November 2015
  • hans mortelmans
    Hello François, 

    BaoBrush is a nice tool, made a test here; 

    it does crash my mac pro sometimes, 
    but, the result is great
    (ps no version in thought where you can use AE lights?, for lightning and animation? )

    November 2015
  • Hi Matthieu,

    Shape_Avenger won't appear in the Effects list (neither Mask_AEGP). This is normal.
    Instead, you'll find Shape_Avenger in the Layers panel.
    Just select your layer, go to Layers/Shape_Avenger, and Mask_Avenger will be automatically applied to your shape layer and control the shape.

    Sorry I can't attach any picture here.
    If you don't find it, or have any other problem, just send me an e-mail [email protected] and I can send you a small screencast.
    September 2015
    • matt foul
      matt foul
      Ok ! Sorry, I did not go through the User Guide enough, my bad. Thank you for your quick answer, I'll dig into your plugin right now !
  • matt foul
    Hi François,
    I am considering buying the plugin for a current project but I wanted to test it first.

    I downloaded the demo version, but the Shape_Avenger plugin doesn't show in my effects list on AE CC2015 on Windows 8.1 64bits.

    I wondered if this is a limitation of the demo (although the plugin is unzipped with no error) or if the plugin is not yet ready for CC2015 ?

    I have already done most of my project using shape layers, that's why I needed this functionnality.

    September 2015
  • Hi Manuel,

    for sure this week, probably just a matter of hours (Lloyd and I are not in the same time zone...)

    Hope you'll like the new version!

    July 2015
  • Manuel Fuchs
    Hello francois,

    do you have any idea when the update of "Mask Avenger" will be available. We just bought it and
    would appreciate it if we could use it in Adoobe AE CC 2015.

    Kind regards
    July 2015
  • leroy francois changed his profile picture.
    October 2012