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  • Fred Salkind
    Hey Gab,
    Does Motion Mosh wrk on OS Big Sur ?
    March 3
    • Gabriel Grenier
      Gabriel Grenier
      MacOs 12.0+ is needed because of gpu requirements.

      I might add CPU compute as a fallback but it will be slower
  • miguel rodrigues
    Hello, I paid for the AE pixer sorter 2 license, I installed the plugin following the instructions. Everything works fine when I am in AE but when I try to render it does not render the effect, I tried to take the plug in out of the folder and put it in different directories but with the same result
    April 2021
  • Joe Strange
    Hello I purchased, downloaded and installed ae pixel sorter and it will shows up as missing in both after effects 2020 and 2019 I am on Mac and installed using the aescripts installer.
    Please help I have a deadline with a project that is using this plug in.
    October 2020
    • Gabriel Grenier
      Gabriel Grenier
      Hi Joe! Please send me a support ticket so I can pass your issue to the aescripts admins, we'll be able to help you out
    • Joe Strange
      Joe Strange
      How do I send you a support ticket
    • Gabriel Grenier
      Gabriel Grenier
      jsut here: select Pixel Sorter as the product
    • Joe Strange
      Joe Strange
      Thank you just sent.
  • sabine glassl
    Hi Gabriel!
    I bought Pixel Sorter V2 last year. I was wondering - is it somehow possible to get the V1?
    thanks, Sabine
    January 2020
  • Martin böttger
    hey since the automatic update to ae2020 the pixel sorting plugin is not there .. run it in 1.7 and did an update to 2.0 put it into the plugin folder  but as well no plugin is there ;( 
    iam sure i did all right   
    its nin the ae 2017 plugin folder and 2020 but nothing happends ..

    please help me out 
    thx martin
    November 2019
    • Gabriel Grenier
      Gabriel Grenier
      Hi Martin, can you please open a ticket, so we can assist you, thanks :)
  • maximilian funke
    Hi Gabriel Grenier, I bought you Artistic Style Transfer plugin Transfusion last night for AE. First of all, thanks. Its a great tool and it really makes the process very simple.

    I have a nice PC with a 12 core 3.4GHz processor and a 1080TI GPU but the plugin is not able to make use of the beastly CUDA device. With cranked up settings I am getting render times of just under 10 hours for one minute of footage. This is still an improvement on several of the command-line and python tools i have used (Since I am working on 4k footage) but its still rather intensive.

    I have a few questions.
    I am wondering if you plan to implement some form of GPU acceleration in the future. it would be amazing to be able to render this stuff on my GPU.

    I would love to know if you have any plans of incorporating an aspect of OFlow to the processing of the transfer so it becomes a bit more like an iterative arbitrary transfer? If not i totally understand that is a different thing.

    I saw others asking so i thought i would also echo the sentement. Is there any plans or maybe way for me to create my own Style trx files? It would be wonderful.

    Thakns for this tool, i am already happy with my purchase and with the results i am getting. I would be completely over the moon to find GPU acceleration.
    February 2019
  • Creative advice : Try putting some info in your image even if it's a graphical, white logo, add a gradient or noose to it so pixel sorter can have valies to play with.

    Also you can add a transform effect before to control the angle. Yoi can add a mosaic effect before or after to get bigger pixel sizes or precomp your logo in a smaller resolution comp
    August 2015
  • Hi Matthew. I'm sincerely sorry if you are disappointed with the plug-in.

    My goal by developing it was to port pixel sorting algorithms available for after effects so people can do such effect without having to do coding in processing for example, not to magically do cool glitches. So for now, it does just that: lets you use pixel sorting inside the native UI of after effects so you have feedback on what you are doing. Which is a great improvement for people who wants to use pixel sort.

    From what you're saying, i doubt it will be useful with vector graphics, as pixel sorting rearrange pixels in an image depending on their RGB values. So applying it to a layer that have only 2 colors on it (full white / full black) won't do so much. That doesn't mean you can't do graphical stuff with it but you have to understand what pixel sorting is to get the results you want. I also recommend you play with the demo before buying it to make sure it suits your needs.
    August 2015