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    April 2023
  • Plamen Hadzhiev
    Hello. I have an ussie with datamosh 2. Тhere is a huge loss of quality in the video file after datamoshing. How can this be fixed?

    December 2022
  • kristian engelsen
    Hi! How can we end datamosh2 transitions? Like to control how it fades out? 
    The remove frames is great for the intro into the new cut/transition, but it just keeps going 
    so the next clip is just super glitchy... 
    June 2022
  • Dario Jokic
    I'm trying to manually install the ffmeg and ffglitch, in my Datamosh 2 plugin. I'm not getting zip files when I download the ffmeg and ffglitch files, only single documents.
    January 2022
  • Anthony Sisto
    Hey can you guys ask or tell Bobby how he purchased the Datamosh effect. It says it supports PayPal as a payment option but doesn't accept my 4 purchases and im gonna lose it because I'm having troubles and don't worry I already asked aescripts + aeplugins no response I thought this could be quicker: 
    December 2020
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    May 2019
  • Danny Perry changed their profile picture.
    January 2019
  • Brian Tario
    I also believe that docking Lazy causes Ae to crash dramatically. Current version of Ae running on Windows 10 64 bit. My system was running fine until I installed Lazy. I used it (super great product!), gave it a home in my workspace, and continued working. The next time I launched Ae it would crash before I could do anything. I had to uninstall Ae completely to get back to work.
    August 2017