AE script to auto-remove underscore and replace with a period when exporting image sequences
  • Is there a script out there that can help me automate the removal of the underscore that appears before the image sequence numbers and replacing the underscore with a period?

    For example: Changing "filename_[XXX].png" to "filename.[XXX].png"

    Currently I'm setting multiple image sequence renders and I'm changing each underscore to a period "by hand" one at a time.

    Any ideas or help on how to streamline this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Not sure why you need to do this. Immigration can import the sequences with the double period without any issue. If you need to rename the imported sequence name you can use AE Global Renamer. If you still want to change the file names in the finder then you will need to find a file renaming utility for the operating system that you are running.
  • Sorry, just realized you want to do this when queuing something to render. We have two tools you can use for this:

  • I'm rendering out image sequences from AE that will later be imported into Maya. Maya has trouble reading image sequences when there is an underscore before the sequence number. Maya has annoying little quirks like that. Thanks for the tool recos. I'll check them out. Cheers!
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