Paint & Stick
  • Hi...

    I just bought the paint effect in paint and stick , but for some reason as soon as I apply the effect on a solid or anything on the composition, After Effects immediately crashes! has anyone else encounter such and inconvenience? is there a fix to this?

    I am running AE 2022 latest version and, Paint and Stick Ver. 2.1.2e and I have nevr had any issue with my AE or had any crashes before this. 

    please open a support ticket for assistance
  • Any progress towards support for AE 2022?
  • Is this working for AE 2022 yet?
  • Please release an update compatible with the newest version of After Effects! This is one of my very favorite scripts, super bummed to not be able to use in the most recent and fastest AE 2022 release!
  • jumping on the bandwagon here with a request for an update that works on M1 Macs in AE 2022! 
  • It's crashing crashing crashing......aug 2022 it was good plugin RIP
  • Unfortunately, this plug in does not run with the Apple M1 chip. It causes an error message. As a workaround it is suggested to run After Effects in "Rosetta Mode". But this is not really a good solution. Unfortunately, this makes the plug in unusable.
  • Does not works on mac M1 and after effects 2023 .... 
  • Please update to be compatible with 2023 versions of AE and C4D.
  • Hey, P&S is a nice promise but it's very buggy when you start to go deeper. Even with a simple comp with few layer it's a workflowkiller. 
    I'm a bit frustrated because this kind of tool in AE could be very usefull but it' need to work properly and not laggy and full of crashes... 
    It's too bad. When you have a proper working version let us know hein ? 
  • This plugin does not work on M1! 
  • Is there an update coming soon ?
  • please update ! Thank